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Microservice discovery & design

There are lots of reasons to make the move to microservice architecture, but migrating your existing monolithic applications can be prohibitively complex, time-consuming and expensive. Codastra is here to make things easier.

Our tooling uses advanced AI-powered static code analysis to expertly break down monolithic applications, providing developers with everything they need to build robust, optimally-designed microservices.


How it works


Select monolith(s)

Simply run the application(s) you want to break down through Codastra.

Codastra is able to extract microservices from single or multiple monoliths.


Browse identified microservice candidates

Codastra identifies areas of your codebase that could best benefit from microservice migration, and presents these as ideal microservice candidates.

Microservices can be explored via the visual map, or a text-based interface.


Download microservice blueprints

For each microservice, Codastra provides a detailed and easy-to-use specification explaining what needs to be included technically in each microservice. This can be tailored further to specific platforms and containers to include required configuration documents.

All of the required building blocks of code are available to download in a single package — all you have to do is put them together,


Explore codebase makeup

Codastra provides a unique interactive visual map of your codebase, allowing developers to understand the connections and relationships that exist between code elements (methods, classes, files). 

Users can also view internal and external dependencies, and areas of low use and redundancy within their application.


Build custom microservice

Users can also follow business logic to select other specific areas of code to transform into microservices. These custom services can be built from scratch by combining desired methods and classes, or by editing Codastra’s suggested services.


View diagnostics

Each microservice also includes a simple diagnostic overview covering three key metrics: complexity, maintainability, and security.

 Codastra provides a score for each metric, plus remediation advice, helping you build the best service possible. 


Why choose Codastra?

Cutting-edge code analysis

Codastra leverages machine learning, natural-language understanding (NLU), novel procedural language understanding, advanced heuristics, and semantic and syntactic static code analysis to expertly deconstruct your codebase.

Intuitive exploration

Codastra’s clean, visually-driven tooling allows both developers and non-technical professionals to easily understand microservice discovery and design.

Language agnostic

Codastra can identify microservices from single or multiple applications written in any combination of our supported languages.

Our advanced code analytics are truly language agnostic, covering any third-generation programming languages (3GL) and above.

Flexibility & Security

Codastra is available as a local client, supporting Windows, OS and Linux; or as an on-premise SaaS solution.




A new way to experience code


Codastra Cartographer empowers developers to write better code through advanced analytics and unique code visualisation



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