A new way to experience code

Codastra is a unique visual code development tool, revolutionising how applications can be viewed, assessed and developed

Enhanced insight + empowered development

Codastra is the first tool to visually map code and code qualities, providing an entirely new level of understanding into a codebase. Developers can see for the first time the relationships that exist between code elements, and maintain a bird's eye view of an entire project.


Our AI-powered, visual engine presents key characteristics in an intuitive, easy-to-understand format, empowering both developers and non-technical professionals to easily understand the landscape of their code.

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Partial preview of Codastra UI for Chaos Monkey by Netflix.

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The next generation of static code analysis

Codastra provides intelligent insight into the quality and make up of your code via multiple, interactive layers. Key characteristics are presented through intuitive visual maps that simplify and contextualise important metrics, making remediation simpler.


Codastra maps code elements (files, methods, modules, classes), revealing the connectivity between them. Users can click-through chosen elements and dig deeper into their makeup: individual variables, variable morphology, object coupling and entanglement, and unique dependency integration.


Complex code is harder to understand and maintain, which can lead reduced developer velocity and potential vulnerabilities. Codastra calculates cyclomatic complexity, and presents this via a heat map. The visualisation allows easy identifcation of complex areas and their context, plus the wider impact across the code.


Maintainability measures how much effort it takes to redevelop or refactor an area of code, as well as how much changes to that area will affect the wider application. Codastra calculates maintainability levels 

across code, presented through a heat map.

Technical Debt

Technical debt is found in areas of code that are poorly optimised and costly to remediate, slowing down developer velocity. Codasra identifies areas of technical debt in your application, as well as areas of redundancy and low-use that serve to slow your application and create vulnerabilities.


Codastra scans your applications for over 1000 known dependencies and related libraries, including databases, networking, messaging and email services, autoscaling, storage, testing, and more.

Code Smells

Code smells are indicators of deeper problems within code. Codastra identifies and explains code smells within your projects, helping you maintain high quality code and best practice.

The essential developer toolkit

Codastra was developed for developers, by developers. It includes a number of advanced features that allow users to see and edit their codebase in entirely new ways.

Simple Navigation

Codastra is fully queryable and searchable, allowing users to easily locate and highlight chosen code elements.

Live Link

Codastra can provide live updates to its maps as changes are made in code via any editor/IDE. Developers can visualise edits made to an existing application, or observe the mapping of an application started from scratch.

Multiple Applications

Codastra has the ability to visualise multiple applications simultaneously, viewing and developing connectivity between them.

Version Comparisons

Integrating into GitHub, Codastra reveals how the characteristics of your code change with each update, allowing easy tracking of quality over time.

Code Trimming

Codastra's code trimming layer allows developers to make quick edits to their code via a visual map. Redundant or unwanted areas of code can be deleted by selecting points on the map. These areas will be commented out in the application code.

Productivity & Collaboration

Multiple users can access the visualisations, and work together on an application. An additional productivity layer can be activated to flag and annotate areas of interest. 


Why choose Codastra?

AI-driven code analysis

Codastra leverages machine learning, natural-language understanding (NLU), cutting-edge procedural language understanding, advanced heuristics, and semantic and syntactic static code analysis to provide the deepest insight into a codebase.


Codastra works where you work. Simply run application source code through the local client; connect to your GitHub repositories; or drive code through our RESTful API. 

Users can easily integrate Codastra into their CI/CD, and use the data to drive their own solutions. Your code, your way.

Language agnostic

Codastra is truly language agnostic, providing balanced analytics and unique editing options across your entire codebase. 

We currently support applications written in any combination of third-generation programming languages (3GL) and above.


Codastra is able to run on Windows, OS and Linux




Microservice Discovery & Design

Codastra offers additional modules for targeted outcomes, the first of these addressing microservice migration



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Supporting development for teams of all sizes


For open-source projects /

public code on GitHub

(up to 150,000 lines of code per month, max. 20,000 lines per application)

Interactive visual maps for

code composition, complexity, maintainability, and 

technical debt



Local client & API

GitHub integration

No limit on application size or total lines processed

All metrics and maps available

Live Link & Code Trimming

Billed monthly/annually


Developer edition plus collaboration features for teams

Customisable parameters for analytics and approved dependency lists

Billed monthly/annually,

per developer



Identify microservices from single or multiple monolithic 


Detailed report and blueprints for chosen services,

including platform and container configurations

Priced by application size  

(lines of code)



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